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7 wonders bing quiz is one of the popular Microsoft quizzes. This quiz will test your smarts of 7 wonders of the world. Complete the 7 questions of the quiz and get your score. Ask your friends and family to take this quiz. The benefits of taking this quiz are you not only test your smarts, but you can earn Microsoft Points. The points will automatically be added to your Microsoft Accounts. So don’t forget to log in to your accounts before taking this quiz.

How to Take 7 Wonders Bing Quiz

Sadly, the quiz is only available in some countries. If you follow this step below but the quiz doesn’t start, maybe your country doesn’t support this quiz. Below is the complete step by step on how to take 7 Wonders Bing Quiz.

  1. Open an Internet browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc
  2. Go to the bing homepage by following this link.
  3. Search for “Wonders of the World Quiz”
  4. The quiz will start soon in the search results section
  5. Complete the quiz
  6. Get your score
  7. Get your Microsoft Rewards Points.
  8. Finish

Quiz Practice

Before you take the 7 wonders bing quiz, you can practice taking the quiz by reading this sample questions below.

What city is known for its rock carving architecture?

A. Petra

B. Palmyra

C. Babylon

Flavian amphitheater is popular as the Italian Monument, what is that?

A. Circus Maximus

B. Colosseum

C. Roman Forum

The Maya civilizations have large urban city what?

A. Guadalajara

B. Chichén Itzá

C. Rio de Janeiro

Inca’s empire has a lost city, which one?

A. Sacred Valley of the Incas

B. Patagonia

C. Machu Picchu

The longest man-built wall has 13,171 miles long, which one?

A. Border Wall

B. Hadrian’s Wall

C. Great Wall of China

This monument uses gold and precious stone on the architecture, which one?

A. Taj Mahal

B. Gateway of India

C. Silky Road

Portuguese has an iconic monument at the top of the mountain, what is?

A. Christiano Ronaldo Airport

B. Christ the Redeemer

C. Selaron Staircase


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