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Photoshop & Lightroom

Adobe’s giant Photoshop is the most famous graphics design software around the globe. Adobe Lightroom, which you’ve surely heard about, is also one of the biggest between Adobe’s software. Long story short, it’s meant to be complementary to Photoshop. The two together are one of the strongest, if not the strongest, combination for graphic designers that want the most professional software for their work. However, even as separate and standalone programs, they’re great.

Adobe Photoshop CC


The Photoshop and Lightroom CC combination is sold at a monthly or annual subscription. Subscribing to the Creative Cloud will also give you app updates as their published, which isn’t an obvious thing. For example, when choosing to buy a standalone CS6 program. If you want updates for your software you will have to pay every time they’re published. Otherwise, you can choose to keep the program as it is.

However, while you can buy the two programs separately, they work as charm together, and Adobe itself advertises this kind of purchase more than the separate one.

The Individual Purpose

As you may already know, Photoshop’s purpose as an individual software isn’t organizing and managing your images, but editing them. The managing part is done by Lightroom, which is the main reason they work so well together. Organizing your files visually with Photoshop will require to organize everything before in your computer, then import it in the software.

Of course, what Photoshop is meant to do is editing your images, and it does an extraordinary job at it. All of the tools that let you edit and layer your images are shown around the center, where your image is situated. On the top, in just some millimeters of thickness lies the core of the software and all of its features, behind the many menus and bars.

Starting out with such a complete and complex software isn’t easy. It isn’t impossible either. Adobe, however, is very well aware of that and furnishes you with many guides and tutorials, available on their website, on YouTube and many other sites, given how popular the software is.

What Else?

Other than organizing and managing, Lightroom offers many exporting and sharing options that Photoshop doesn’t have. For example, Lightroom CC lets you save or convert your image into any of the standard image formats, along with specific color profiles based on what you want to do with your finished work. You can also let Lightroom automate your exportation actions if you work with many files.


Photoshop comes as a complete and exceptional graphics design software, but also at a high price. If you require a powerful software which will let you do everything you’d ever need, Photoshop is your best option.

However, keep in mind that Photoshop is not the only graphics design software out there. If you have to stick to a budget, and maybe you just want to familiarize with graphics design software, you have many other options that will satisfy your needs.

PROS: The best software in graphics design, offering the best tools and features, fast interface, video-editing and 3D modeling compatibility.

CONS: You need to get familiar with the interface, not very intuitive sometimes. Subscription based, not perpetual-license.

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