Bing Halloween Quiz – Test Your Smarts

Bing Halloween Quiz is the most popular quiz in October. Its because Halloween is celebrated on October 31′ st. Many people waiting for these annual events. Bing is also celebrating Halloween event by creating the Halloween Quiz.

Bing Halloween Quiz
Bing Halloween Quiz

How to Take the Quiz

Taking the Bing Halloween Quiz is like the other Bing Quiz. All you have to do is open the Bing search. In the Bing homepage, there is a search box, type “Halloween Quiz”. The Quiz then will start soon on the page. Don’t forget to log in to your Microsoft Accounts. Because this quiz will earn 10 Microsoft Rewards Points.

Quiz Questions

Below is the example of the Bing Halloween Quiz. You can use this for practice before taking the quiz.

Which root vegetable were jack-o’-lanterns originally made of?

A. Carrots

B. Parsnips

C. Turnips

Historically, on All Hallows’ Eve, the Irish hollowed out turnips and placed a light in them to ward off evil spirits—and they were a lot creepier than the carved pumpkins we see today. Good thing this tradition didn’t stick or we might be drinking turnip-spice lattes right now.

Halloween is thought to have originated from which Celtic harvest festival?

A. Beltane

B. Hogmanay

C. Samhain

Samhain is said to come from the Old Irish for ‘summer’s end.’ This Celtic festival traditionally marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. It was also believed to be a day when the barrier between our world and the spirit world was easily breached.

How much did Americans spend in 2018 on Halloween candy?

A. Over 1 Billion

B. Over 2 Billion

C. Over 4 Billion

Bags of bite-size candy bars and other goodies outfitted in black and orange wrappers really add up. Some folks even splurge and hand out full-size candy. We call them the nice neighbors.

In the early days of trick-or-treating, what did you do to get a treat?

A. Dance

B. Sing

C. Both

Trick-or-treating has origins in the Scottish and Irish tradition of guising. Typically, children would dress in costume and, after getting a treat of coins, fruits, or nuts, would perform a trick in return, usually a song, dance, or even a joke.

What do you call the fear of Halloween?

A. Samhainophobia

B. Hemophobia

C. Chiroptophobia

The specific phobia of Halloween is called samhainophobia. It is defined as a persistent fear of Halloween, despite knowing there is no danger. (Besides a bunch of monsters and ghosts walking the streets.)

Which of these would help if you’re confronted by a werewolf?

A. Honey

B. Silver

C. Garlic

Most modern fiction describes werewolves as vulnerable to silver weapons, particularly silver bullets. If you don’t have any silver in your pockets, we hope you run slower than we do.

Which historic figure was an influence on the creation of Count Dracula?

A. Prince Charles

B. Alladin

C. Vlad the Impaler

Bram Stoker incorporated various folklore, mythology, and even some history when he wrote ‘Dracula.’ The title character’s name came from Vlad the Impaler, a fearsome monarch who ruled the Transylvania region of Romania in the 15th century. Vlad’s nickname? Dracula, which loosely translates as ‘son of the dragon.’

In folklore, if a girl placed an apple she’d bobbed under her pillow, what would she dream of?

A. Her first child

B. Having 100,000 Instagram followers

C. Her future soul mate

Bobbing for apples is a staple of Halloween parties, but the game’s origins are rooted in romance. It started out as a British courting ritual, popular among young ladies and their potential suitors. Kind of like ‘The Bachelor’ but with apples.

The mask worn by Michael Myers in the Halloween films was based on whose face?

A. William Shatner
B. Clint Eastwood
C. Sean Conery
The iconic mask from the Halloween films was originally a Star Trek mask of Captain Kirk, played by Shatner. It was purchased for a bargain $1.98 at a local costume shop, before the production crew spray-painted it and widened the eye holes.

The tradition of dressing in costume came from fear what?

A. Winter
B. Cats
C. Ghosts
Wearing a costume has roots in both European and Celtic beliefs about ghosts appearing on Halloween. People used masks and other gear to disguise themselves in the hope they would be mistaken for a fellow spirit so ghosts would leave them alone.

Quiz Results

Halloween Quiz Results
Halloween Quiz Results
After completing the quiz, click on the Get your score button on the bottom of the quiz section. The results score will show on the 10 bases. How is your score? Challenge your friend to take this quiz to test they smart on Halloween.

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