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If you already join the Microsoft Reward Program and you want to collect more points you can take Bing Quiz. There are so many Bing Quiz you can take. Bing Quiz will provide Microsoft Rewards Point. You can also get additional info and fun facts when you’re taking this quiz. So you will get 2 advantages by taking this quiz. The first is the Microsoft Reward Points, and the second is you can increase your knowledge.

The bing quiz is generally divided into several categories. That is the Daily Quiz, Weekly Quiz, and Event Quiz.

Bing Daily Quiz

Bing Daily Quiz is the most popular quiz on the Bing Quiz. You can earn Microsoft Reward Points daily by taking this quiz. By taking this quiz every day you can increase your points fast. So you can redeem to the Microsoft Reward you wish fastly. The example of the bing daily quiz is the Bing homepage quiz.

Bing Homepage Quiz

Bing Homepage Quiz is the easiest quiz you can take. You can take this quiz daily. This quiz will earn 10 reward points. You can take this quiz by opening a search on your browser such as edge, chrome, firefox, safari, etc. On the search box, type “Bing Homepage Quiz” the quiz will show on the search results. The quiz usually consists of 3 questions. Every time you choose the answer, whether it’s correct or incorrect there will show additional info about the answer. At the end of the quiz, you will get the score results. Whatever your score, you will get 10 reward points.

Bing Weekly Quiz

The second Bing quiz is the weekly quiz. This quiz will test your smarts of the world news. The quiz available every day, but the quiz will change once a week. So every week you will get a new quiz. The example of the bing weekly quiz is Bing News Quiz.

Bing News Quiz

The popular quiz on the weekly quiz is the Bing News Quiz. This quiz will test your smarts of what happening in the world in the week. The quiz usually consists of 10 questions. As the bing homepage quiz, every answer to the questions will show up the additional info and fun facts. So you will get double benefit by taking the quiz. Same as the bing homepage quiz you will earn 10 points whatever your quiz results score.

Other Quiz

The other popular quiz on the Microsoft Reward Program is the Windows Spotlight Quiz. You can also take the other Microsoft Quiz such as Warpspeed Quiz, Turbocharge Quiz, Lightspeed Quiz. Go to your Microsoft Account Web page, on the reward section go to earn menu.

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