Disable Windows Spotlight Ads | How to

Are you bothered by the ads in Windows Spotlight? Now see the manner that you just will utterly get obviate all Ads in Windows Spotlight. Many of us love windows spotlight options. The photographs within the lock screen apps are thus stunning. Besides transfer the image from Bing. Spotlight additionally has trifle queries known as Windows Spotlight Quiz. Windows spotlight additionally offers some informative facts, fun truth and advertising on the screen. for a few Windows users, it’s annoying. Ads are vital to finance several sites. however intrusive ads generally create folks angry.

How to take away Windows Spotlight Ads

There is a technique to get rid of windows spotlight ads. Removing windows spotlight ads additionally removes spotlight fun facts and other useful information. It is because of the settings are in one common setting. Below is that the straightforward technique on a way to take away windows spotlight ads:

  • Right-click anyplace on your desktop.
  • Click on personalize (bottom).
  • On the left menu, select the Lock screen menu.
  • Move to the middle of the screen, there’s a computer menu.
  • Click on the drop-down and select the image.
  • Move all the way down to Get fun facts, tips and additional from Windows and Cortana on your lock screen. there’s a toggle button, switch it off.
  • Move up to the dropdown list, and choose the windows spotlight.
  • Done

That is the strategy to get rid of windows spotlight ads. keep in mind that those strategies additionally take away windows spotlight fun facts, data and additional. If you would like to alter fun facts on the windows spotlight, simply do the step higher than. On step variety, half a dozen turn on the toggle button. If you continue to have a retardant on take away windows spotlight ads, comment below. we are going to assist you as presently as potential.

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