How to Use Alarms in Microsoft Windows 10

Many Windows users still confuse about how to set alarms in windows 10. Alarms are a very useful tool for Windows users. Set a pc alarm to draw your attention to associate approaching event or to wake you from a nap. Microsoft Outlook software package encompasses a reminder setting which will act as an associate grandfather clock. It permits you to decide on the alarm sounds that may come back through the pc speakers.

Alarms in windows 10
Alarms in windows 10

Does Alarms Work once Windows laptop computer in Sleep Mode?

If the pc goes to sleep, alarms and timers won’t work. Solely newer laptops associate degreed tablets with a feature known as InstantGo will rouse from sleep to sound an alarm or timer. And even with InstantGo, the device won’t rouse if it isn’t blocked in.

What is InstantGo? Previously this app is known as “Connected Standby”. This app is a Microsoft specification for Windows 8 hardware and software. This app is based on smartphone-type power management capabilities. Many PC / Laptop users want this feature, so Microsoft creates this app to solve the problem.

How to Set Alarm in Windows 10?

  • Type “alarm” into the Windows search box.
  • Click the “Alarms & Clock” icon.
  • On the right bottom of the windows click on ”+” symbol.
  • Set associate degree alarm time.
  • Click the save button within the lower right corner of the window.
  • Finish.

That is how to set alarms in windows 10 pc /laptop/computers. If you still having problems in alarms windows 10, please comments below.

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