Microsoft Reward Program | What is?

Microsoft Reward Program is an excellent feature for Windows users. This program gives some rewards to the windows users. The program gives you the Microsoft Reward points. You can redeem the points to many kinds of rewards such as a gift card, discount on Microsoft store, Microsoft sweepstakes, donation and much more.

Microsoft Reward Program
Microsoft Reward Program

How to Join the Program

The only requirement for this program is a Microsoft Account. You have to register a Microsoft Account to join this program. Once you have a Microsoft Account you can read more about this Program on the web page of the Microsoft Account. You need email address or phone number to create a Microsoft Account. If you already have a Microsoft Account, you can start to collect the Microsoft Reward Points.

How to Collect Microsoft Reward Points

Collecting Microsoft Reward Points is very easy and fun. You have to do some fun tasks to get the Microsoft Reward Points. You can also earn points when you buy Microsoft products on the Microsoft Store. The easy way to collecting these points is by doing a search on the Bing search.

Bing Search

You can earn many Microsoft Reward Points by doing a search on the bing. Bing is the official Microsoft Search Engine. This search engine is the alternative of the Google search engine. To collect the points, you have to open the bing search and login to your Microsoft Account. Every search you do, you will earn 5 points. The points will be accumulated in your Account. The other way to collect the points is by taking Microsoft Quiz.

Microsoft Quiz

The next easy way to collecting the Microsoft Reward Points is by taking the Microsoft Quiz. There is so many Microsoft quiz, the most popular quiz is the Windows Spotlight Quiz. This quiz earns 30 points. The other quizzes you can take is Bing Warpspeed Quiz, Turbocharge Quiz, Lightspeed Quiz and much more. You can take this quiz by following this link. Open the reward program and click on the earn menu.

How to Redeem the Points

After you get many points, now the time to redeem the points to a reward. You can redeem the points to a lot of rewards. The popular reward is gift cards and sweepstakes. There are so many interesting gift cards and sweepstakes you can redeem. X Box gift card, X Box Game Pass Ultimate, Dunkin Donut, Starbucks, AMC Theatre, Hulu gift card is the popular gift card you can redeem.


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