Mouse Not Working on Microsoft Windows 10

Mouse not working on windows 10 computers are annoying. Sometimes, when windows 10 computers getting update then the mouse not working. This problem occurs to many Windows users. The problems can be various from the button not working, mouse pointer not moves, mouse freeze, the circle sign beside the mouse keeps spinning and much more. The cause of the problems is usually because the mouse driver is crash after the update. If your computers have the same problems, you can try the method below.

Hide Pointer While Typing Setting
Hide Pointer While Typing Setting

Restart the Computers

If you cannot use your mouse to point to the restart or shutdown, you can use your keyboard to do it. First, press on the Windows button on your keyboard. Then press the “Tab” button on your keyboard to navigate to the Restart Menu. Once you’re on the restart menu, press “enter” on the keyboard. The windows 10 will restart soon. If there is one or more programs still opening, then it will prompt to close. Use the Tab on your keyboard to move to the OK button. After all of the programs are closed then your computer will restart.

Disable the “Hide Pointer” Setting

If after restarting Windows the mouse still not working maybe your Hide Pointer setting is enabled. You can disable it using your keyboard. Below is the complete guide:

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard.
  2. Press the Tab key on your keyboard twice.
  3. Press the arrow key (up/down) to go to the “Settings” and press enter.
  4. The Settings windows will appear, press Tab to move to the detail section.
  5. Use the right arrow on your keyboard to go to the Devices menu
  6. Go to Additional Settings by press Tab key 6 times and then press enter.
  7. Highlight the Buttons top menu by tapping the Tab key 5 times.
  8. Use the right arrow to navigate to the Pointers menu.
  9. Press the Tab key 4 times to go to the “Hide Pointer While Typing” Setting.
  10. Use the Space key to disable or tick the mark on the setting.
  11. Press the Tab key to navigate to the Apply button and then press enter.
  12. Go to the OK button by pressing the Tab key, and press enter.
  13. Press Alt + F4 key to close the windows.

Reinstall Mouse Driver

The other method to solve the mouse not working is reinstalling the driver. Follow the complete step below using the keyboard only.

  1. Press Windows + X key on your keyboard together.
  2. Navigate to the Device Manager by Pressing down/up arrow key on your keyboard.
  3. Once you in Device Manager press enter to open it.
  4. The Device Manager windows will appear, press the Tab key to down to the menu.
  5. Press down/up arrow key on your keyboard to go to the Mice and other pointing devices then press enter.
  6. Expand the menu by press left arrow key.
  7. Navigate to your Mouse or Touchpad devices and then press enter.
  8. Highlight the General tab on the top by press Tab key 3 times.
  9. Open the Driver tab by press left arrow key.
  10. Then press the Tab key to navigate to the Uninstall button then press Enter.
  11. A confirmation window will appear, just uninstalls the driver, do not delete it.
  12. Don’t forget to remove the mark on the Delete the Driver.
  13. Use the Tab key to navigate to the OK button.
  14. The system will detect the change of the settings, then will prompt you to restart the computer.
  15. Restart the computer, the driver will back if you didn’t delete the driver on step 12.


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