Set Windows Spotlight as Lock Screen

Windows Spotlight is an entertainment feature on windows 10. This feature will change your lock screen into a beautiful screen. Most of Windows users love this screen instead of a blank screen. But sometimes, accidentally Windows Spotlight settings are changed. And some users confuse how to set windows spotlight as the lock screen of Windows 10. Don’t be a worry, setting windows spotlight on Windows 10 is very easy. Follow the step below to set the windows spotlight as your windows 10 lock screen.

Set Windows Spotlight as Lock screen
Set Windows Spotlight as Lock screen

Complete Guide Set Windows Spotlight as Lock Screen

  1. First, you have to access the “Personalize” Setting on your Windows. You can do this by clicking anywhere of your windows 10 desktop.
  2. If you still confuse what is the desktop, click on the bottom right of your screen.

    Display Desktop
    Display Desktop
  3. After you get into the “Personalize” setting, go to the left menu and click on the “Lock screen” menu.
  4. Then move to the right section, there is a “Background” list box.
  5. Choose the “Windows Spotlight” options on the list box.
  6. Move down to the show lock screen toggle, and set it on.
  7. Finish.

Additional Lock Screen Settings

After set windows spotlight as windows 10 lock screen. You can also set the windows spotlight display. You can also set which apps will show quick status on the lock screen. So you can access your favorites app easily right from your lock screen.

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