Spotlight Image Downloader App

Windows Spotlight Image Downloader App: Windows Spotlight Image Downloader. This app also can set the windows spotlight image to desktop background.

Windows Spotlight Image Downloader

Windows Spotlight Image Downloader

People love these Windows Spotlight photos. Amazingly, Microsoft still doesn’t have a way to turn Spotlight images into desktop wallpapers. Though you can download a few from the Microsoft Themes Websites. Retrieving those spotlight images is easy to do if you want to display them in other places besides the Windows Lock Screen. You can use a third party app called Spotlight Wally.

Spotlight Wally App

This app is not available on Microsoft Store. Because the developer is an individual developer, and He doesn’t upload it to the Microsoft Store. As this app doesn’t available in Microsoft Store, many people ask about the security of the Apps. We try to test this app and scan it using antivirus and some malware detection apps. As the results, there is no malware or viruses on this version of the app. So you don’t have to worry about this app.

How to download Spotlight Wally App

As in the explanation above, this app doesn’t available on the Microsoft Store. You have to download it from the developer drop box. You can simply follow the download link to get the application.

Portable App

The great news, this app is portable. This mean, you can use it without installing it first. You can copy the app and use it on the other computers easily.

How to Download Windows Spotlight Image

Spotlight Wally is very simple apps. You can download the windows spotlight image in just a few clicks. Below is the step by step on how to download the windows spotlight image:

  1. Open the spotlight wally app.
  2. Tick on Custom Location Options on the top left of the display.
  3. Browse download target folder. And choose where you will save the image.

    Browse Target Folder

    Browse Target Folder

  4. Click on the Download Button. Your image will download automatically and saved into your selected folder.
  5. Finish.