Windows Spotlight Features

Basically the windows spotlight is a lock screen app for Windows 10 computers. But the spotlight is different from a classic computer lock screen. Microsoft adds some features to the windows spotlight. So the experience of using Windows computers is starting early from the lock screen. The features of the windows spotlight are very entertaining to the users. Spotlight offers the “like what you see”, “Windows Spotlight Quiz” and “Not a fan” features. All of those features are about the picture on the lock screen.

Like What You See

The first feature is “Like what you see”. This feature is very fun when you like the spotlight picture of the day. If you click on those features from the lock screen your computers will understand your preferences. When your computer is starting the edge browser is opening with more pictures like the spotlight picture of the day. Not only picture, but you also get additional information and a fun fact about the picture.

Windows Spotlight Quiz

The most favorite feature of the windows spotlight is the quiz. Who doesn’t love quiz? Many people love quiz. A quiz will test your smarts. Microsoft adds the quiz feature to the spotlight so you can test your smarts about the picture on the lock screen. Not only test your smarts, but the best part is also you will earn Microsoft Rewards Points. You can redeem these points to a lot of prizes. To collect these points, you must have a Microsoft Account.

Not a Fan

The last feature on the windows spotlight is “Not a Fan”. This feature is also will set your preferences. If you click on this feature, the windows spotlight will never set the picture as your lock screen again.

Not all countries get all of those features. Windows spotlight features only available in some countries.

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