Windows Spotlight Stuck at One Image

The common problems that happen in Windows Spotlight App are stick in one image. The spotlight app doesn’t change the lock screen picture every day. This problem occurs to many Windows Users. In many forums, they ask for the solution to this problem. This problem has many causes, and getting the exact causes is very difficult. If you get this problem on your computer you can try some method to solve the problems. Below is the method to solve this problem. If your Spotlight App still doesn’t work after following the below method, please comment.

Check the Internet Connection

Spotlight App needs an internet connection to fetch images from Bing. If the internet connection is lost, so the spotlight app will stop change the image. Firstly check your internet connection is work.

Wire Connection

If you use a wire connection, make sure your LAN is plugged into your computer. Then check your network icon in the bottom right of your screen. If it still shows disconnect status, maybe your LAN cable or connector is damaged. When the connection icon show connects status then check your internet by open some page such as,,, If it doesn’t work, maybe the network prevents you to connect to the internet. Ask your network administrator for further.

Wifi & Mobile Connection

If your connection is mobile or wifi connection, make sure your device is connected to the network. As the wire connection, check the network status on the bottom right of your windows desktop.

Computer Firewall

Next, the computer firewall may block the internet connection. Check if your pc is firewall settings. On the inbound and outbound rules, make sure there are no settings that block the spotlight app.

Check Spotlight App Settings

Windows 10 has settings that prevent lock screen image change. You can check the settings by open group policy editor. Below is the complete step:

  1. Type “gpedit.msc” on the windows search then press enter.
  2. Expand the Microsoft Common Console Documents menu.
  3. Next, click the Computer Configuration.
  4. Click on the Administrative Templates.
  5. Control Panel.
  6. Open the Personalization folder.
  7. In the right windows searc for “Prevent Changing lock screen and logon image” settings.
  8. Change the value to the disabled.

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